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Following in Dilworth’s footsteps, Elizabeth, on Center City’s southeast side, was the city’s second streetcar suburb. Although its boundaries weren’t officially determined until 1979, its evolution mirrored that of transportation. In the early 1890’s to match the growth of Uptown’s busy East Trade Street, nearby farmland began to develop into a residential zone, and then, a suburb. The trolley and eventually the automobile connected Center City dwellers and professionals to Elizabeth, and the neighborhood soon became the city’s nucleus for hospitals, churches and higher education- all of which are hallmarks of the district’s character. Adorable Craftsman-style homes and locally owned businesses, shaded by Willow Oaks, give the Uptown adjacent enclave an irresistible charm. The modern-day CityLYNX Gold Line streetcar rattles along the roads, and young professionals tromp down the main streets of Elizabeth Avenue, Hawthorne Lane and 7th Street to patronize funky retailers, music halls and saloons.   

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