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Myers Park

Revered for rows and rows of stunning dwellings that showcase masterful 1920’s Colonial Revival and Tudor revival craftsmanship, the Myers Park zip code carries timeless allure. In my opinion, also affectionately known as ” The Old Money” area. This neighborhood is widely considered to be the most affluent and prestigious neighborhood in Charlotte. It is best known for the more than 100 year old oak trees that gracefully canopy its avenues. their age and grandeur are a perfect compliment to the elegant mansions and magnificent gardens on the main road, Queens Road West. Each of these delicate details was part of a plan to convert cotton farmland into Charlotte’s first suburb back in the early 1900’s. The vision was the brainchild of John Spring Myers, who lived in the area and gradually acquired more land. Noted city architect George Stephens and designers John Nolen and Earle Sumner Draper helped translate Myer’s vision into what became one of the city’s most coveted residential areas. Like something out of a rendering, students from Queen’s University of Charlotte tote books along Selwyn Avenue, bike riders roll down Queen’s Road’s landscaped loops, and families young and old flock to the delis, specialty shops, galleries and restaurants- often settled in century old brick buildings-that fill the neighborhood. 

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