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Plaza Midwood

Plaza Midwood’s main thoroughfare, Central Avenue, tells you everything you need to know about the quirky neighborhood: A magnetic blend of consignment shops, watering holes, tattoo parlors and diners rub elbows with fancier restaurants and retailers. The colorful strip of graffiti-clad buildings invites both daytime exploration and nighttime revelry. A melting pot, both in terms of people and places, Plaza Midwood, like many of Charlotte’s neighborhoods, was once a streetcar suburb. Slow to develop due to its location northeast of Uptown, its official boundaries weren’t established until the 1970’s. But by then, two hubs, The Plaza (the borough’s backbone) and Midwood (one of the area’s largest subdivisions), were already one. In the 1990s, a large portion of the western edge of Plaza Midwood was designated a local historic district. With a combination of homes built decades apart, a thriving LGBTQ contingent and welcoming community celebrations like Midwood Maybia, 4th of July Pig Pickin’ and Winter Fling, Plaza Midwood has developed an indelible personality that marries trendy with gritty and old with new. 

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